Who is Challenging Melbourne’s Public Transport System?

The public is unsatisfied with Melbourne’s transport system. They claim trains and buses always arrive late and the routes’ increasing crowds at peak everyday.

Graham Currie, Chair of Public Transport said, Melbourne has a large public transport network, the tram system is the largest over the world.

People live in suburbs usually live near to bus stops instead of train station, but there are few buses in some areas, said Professor Currie.

“The average frequency of buses in Melbourne few years ago… is about every 40 mintues.” said Professor Currie.

The timetables of Melbourne’s buses are inefficient. Trains do not run on time and only a low rate of buses run on the weekends.

Flinders Street Station, train timetables. Taken by Tiffany.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 7.55.37 pm
Map of Flinders Street Station, symbols and names added by Tiffany.

Professor Currier said that Melbourne’s railways are 40% overloaded, many lines became old and trams are expensive and usually slow the traffic down.

The public also criticizes the inconvenience of transferring. Transport service in some areas is slack.

Daniel Bowen, President of the Public Transport Users’ Association, said when people travel to a close suburb they may need to “come all the way into the city, change services and go back again, rather than just crossing the suburbs.”


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